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Themeda triandra

Scientific NameThemeda triandra
Common Name(s)Kangaroo Grass


"Perennial, tufted, erect, up to ca 1.2m tall; culms branched or unbranched, nodes glabrous to pubescent." (Stanley,T.D, and Ross, E.M. (1989))


Themeda triandra is frequently requested for rehabilitation work. Its distribution on the Australian continent is vast making it a contender for many rehabilitation sites. It is readily eaten by stock although constant cattle grazing pressure often leads to its loss from paddocks. Today it usually found where grazing pressure is low or absent, esp. on roadsides and on rocky ridges.

We tend to harvest T. triandra from basaltic alluviums and clay loams usually where Eucalyptus melanophloia was previously the cover and where grazing stock is excluded. However, it does grow on most soil and rock types. The majority of the seed is applied as florets which may be broken down for flowability.

Historical Notes


Widespread throughout all states of Australia although absent from south-west SA.

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Themeda triandra | floret | Queensland Native Seeds
Themeda triandra | floret | Queensland Native Seeds

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