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Sporobolus creber

Scientific NameSporobolus creber
Common Name(s)Slender Rat's-Tail Grass, Western Rat-Tail Grass


A tufted, warm season, perennial grass to about one metre high. Rats Tail grasses are named after the appearance of their inflorescences. Australias native S. creber should not be confused with the exotic, weedy Sporobolus species which are more robust, less palatable, often highly invasive plants.


May be confused with S.elongatus, however, "Has inflorescence branches shorter than adjacent internodes, contrasting with S. elongatus where the inflorescence branches are as long or longer than the adjacent internodes." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y.  2011. AusGrass2).

Sporobolus creber is a common component of native grasslands. In open situations with long term grazing pressure it will often present in co-dominance with Bothriochloa decipiens after more valuable feeds such as Bothriochloa bladhii (Forest Bluegrass) are selectively grazed out by stock.

S. creber should be regarded as an important addition where efforts are made to re-establish native grasslands.

Historical Notes


Mostly from Vic to Qld near Cairns. Found as either coastal or subcoastal occurrences to the east, and extending to the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range.

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