Queensland Native Seeds

Senna gaudichaudii

Scientific NameSenna gaudichaudii
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrubVine
Common Name(s) Gaudichaud's Senna, Blunt-Leaved Senna, Climbing Senna
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Caesalpinioideae


"Shrub or small tree to a few metres high, sparsely to densely golden-pubescent or glabrescent. Leaves 5–10 cm long including a channelled petiole 10–30 mm long;..." (Flora of Australia)


Senna gaudichaudi, a unique taxon in many ways has been overlooked in rehabilitation works to date and it is hoped that seed resources can be developed and utilised.

Historical Notes


Occurs in coastal and subcoastal areas from southern Queensland to the tip of Cape York. A few occurrences exist in other states however they are extremely disjunct and isolated from populations in Queensland.

References and Related Links

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