Queensland Native Seeds

Senna coronilloides

Scientific NameSenna coronilloides
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrub
Common Name(s)Golden Cassia
Family Fabaceae, Subfamily Caesalpinioidea


"Shrub, erect and straggling, to 3 m tall, glabrous but with the leaves and ovary sometimes sparsely hairy. Leaves 5-9 cm long..." (Flora of Australia)


Senna coronilloides has proved difficult to obtain in quantities from bushland harvesting to date. Otherwise it has the attributes of a useful shrub for rehabilitation. In the South Burnett region we observe C. coronilloides in small groups under or in proximity to Eucalyptus moluccana, Casuarina cristata and Acacia harpophylla.

Historical Notes


Distributed north from Bulga, NSW, subcoastal and inland, almost to Cairns, Qld. Reaches the coast near Rockhampton and inland as far as Narrabri, St George, Canarvon and Gilberton.

Distribution Map | Senna coronilloides | Queensland Native Seeds

Senna coronilloides | inflorescence, fruit, foliage | Queensland Native Seeds
Senna coronilloides | habit | Queensland Native Seeds
Senna coronilloides | Senna coronilliodes, prev Cassia sturtii, depiction by Sylvia Seiler, Killara, West Boondooma | Queensland Native Seeds
Senna coronilloides | microscope | Queensland Native Seeds

References and Related Links

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Botanical Illustrations by Sylvia Seiler. Compiled by Ross and Wilma Tait for the Chinchilla Field Naturalists’ Club, 2014