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Pultenaea villosa

Scientific NamePultenaea villosa
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrub
Common Name(s)Hairy Bush-Pea, Kerosene Bush
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Faboideae


"Prostrate to erect shrub; stems pubescent with spreading to curly hairs." (PlantNET)


Pultenaea villosa has been a useful taxon for rehabilitation work to date and is yet another of Australias attractive flowering peas which brings nitrogen fixing qualities to planting programs. Seed collectors can gain access to sizeable areas for collection however its productivity is on the lower side and water stress experienced during fruit setting will reliably cause seed crops to become uneconomic. Seed collection areas include state forests and pine plantation areas.

Historical Notes


Pultenaea villosa is found in coastal and subcoastal areas from southern NSW to Bundaberg in Queensland. The Western most occurences currently known from, Barabba in New South Wales and Inglewood in Queensland.

Distribution Map | Pultenaea villosa | Queensland Native Seeds

Pultenaea villosa | inflorescence | Queensland Native Seeds
Pultenaea villosa | habitat | Queensland Native Seeds

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