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Pittosporum angustifolium

Scientific NamePittosporum angustifolium
Common Name(s)Weeping Pittosporum, Gumbi Gumbi, Native Apricot, Berrigan, Butter Bush


"Tree to 10 m high, mostly dioecious;..." (Flora of Australia Online)


"Occurs particularly in open eucalypt woodlands and mallee and moister areas near inland lakes and drainage lines, in sandy soils in more arid zones." (Flora of Australia Online)

We observe and work with Pittosporum angustifolium in eucalypt woodland-open forest dominated by trees such as Eucalyptus crebra, Eucalyptus molucanna and Eucalyptus orgadophila. Pittosporum angustifolium seed is collected in up to moderate amounts for mine rehabilitation work. The harvesting process is simple due to the low working heights. Cleaning of the seed may present difficulties due to a sticky substance associated with the seed in the fruit and this requires neutralising so that seed product can be flowable.

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Pittosporum angustifolium | trunk | Queensland Native Seeds
Pittosporum angustifolium | bark | Queensland Native Seeds

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