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Panicum effusum var. effusum

Scientific NamePanicum effusum var. effusum
Common Name(s)Hairy Panic
FamilyPoaceae. Subfamily Panicoideae.


"Perennial. Rhizomes present. Stolons absent. Culms erect or geniculately ascending, 2–100 cm tall,..." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y. 2011)


Panicum effusum var. effusum is found as a minor component of nearly every grass stand we harvest. It very occasionally builds up into a state approaching dominance. Typically, these paddocks were previously eucalypt woodlands or eucalypt forest on moderately fertile soils, however we also observe the taxon on poorer soils.

Low availability to date has kept P. effusum var. effusum from becoming well known in land rehabilitation practice. However, its distribution and soil preferences infer broad suitability for rehabilitation. Nonetheless, depending on seed cleaning practice, it is often a minor part of native grass seed batches and so will be utilised in this way. Availability may rise as new resources come to light.

Historical Notes


Well represented in all mainland states, less so in WA.

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