Queensland Native Seeds

Melaleuca trichostachya

Scientific NameMelaleuca trichostachya
Common Name(s)Flax-Leaf Paperbark


"Small tree to 10 m high with papery bark. Leaves opposite to ± opposite, linear to linear-lanceolate, 10–30 mm long, 1–2.5 mm wide..." (PlantNet)


Melaleuca trichostachya is found within and alongside riverbeds besides smaller watercourses. Our own seed collections have tended to be in mid to late Winter. Unlike some other Melaleuca spp. the seed is only briefly retained however it may be more productive than Melaleuca bracteata for example. The taxon is utilised in rehabilitation work around watercourses.

Historical Notes


Very widespread in Queensland from coast to far inland. Also northern New South Wales, Northern Territory and South Australia (minor occurences).

References and Related Links

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