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Lomandra longifolia

Scientific NameLomandra longifolia
Common Name(s)Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush
Family Lomandraceae


A tufted, perennial herb. Grass-like appearance. Dioecious.

"Leaves flat or slightly concavo-convex, occasionally rolled, usually 50-100 cm long and 4.5-7.5 mm wide, glabrous; apex 2- or 3-toothed, central tooth in pronounced sinus or longer than laterals;..." (Flora of Australia)


Lomandra longifolia transplants are produced in considerable quantities by nurseries. The seed is utilised in coastal and some inland rehabilitation works. Considerable quantities of seed can be procured in optimum natural settings which are usually seasonal watercourses or flats with relatively high penetration of sunlight.

L. longifolia may be confused with Lomandra confertifolia subsp. pallida and with Lomandra hystrix. The teeth at the tips of the leaves will separate L. longifolia from L. hystrix. In our areas of observation, we generally find L. hystrix along creek beds and rivers which maintain flows for large parts of the year. L. longifolia will occur the same way however it will also colonise much drier sites, often along banks some distance from regular water, along dry gullies and washouts, up onto hillsides and also on to ridges. As the sites become drier, the frequency of plants and their size may decrease.

Historical Notes


All eastern states and Tasmania; also the SW corner of South Australia. Does not extend into the far west of any state.

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