Queensland Native Seeds

Indigofera hirsuta

Scientific NameIndigofera hirsuta
CategoriesAnnual or Short-Lived PerrenialNitrogen FixerProstrate Shrub
Common Name(s)Hairy Indigo
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Faboideae


"Annual or short-lived perennial woody herb to 60 cm; most parts with long, very unequally 2-branched hairs." (PlantNET)


Indigofera hirsuta appears suitable for rehabilitation along many metrics however to date it has been sought after much and rarely supplied. Attempts are being made to change this.

Historical Notes


Widespread around coastal to western Queensland, Northern Territory and northern parts of Western Australia. Also north eastern New South Wales although here it has not been observed further west than Narrabri.

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