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Hovea longipes

Scientific NameHovea longipes
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrub
Common Name(s)Brush Hovea
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Faboideae


"Shrub or tree up to 5 m tall." (PlantNET)


Besides being nitrogen fixing shrubs which are well suited to rehabilitation work, Hovea species are very attractive flowering plants. Hovea longipes is also unique within the Hovea genus. "Hovea longipes is very different from other eastern species and perhaps would be better placed in its own genus. The main differences are evident in calyx, pod and seed morphology, leaf venation pattern, indumentum type, and in the absence of stipules. The appressed biramate hairs of H. longipes are possibly homologous with those found in Western Australian species of Hovea." (PlantNET)

Seed from Hovea longipes is simple to collect however montoring of crops is essential so that narrow harvesting windows are not missed. In low rainfall areas away from the coast, fruiting events which progress to successful seed development are often many years apart.

Historical Notes


From the Hunter Valley, NSW to Cape York Penninsula. Often occurring inland with the most western occurrences near Morven and Canarvon Park, Qld.

Distribution Map | Hovea longipes | Queensland Native Seeds

Hovea longipes | leaf, fruit | Queensland Native Seeds
Hovea longipes | depiction by Sylvia Seiler, Killara, West Boondooma | Queensland Native Seeds

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