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Heteropogon contortus

Scientific NameHeteropogon contortus
Common Name(s)Black Spear Grass


A tufted, perennial grass commonly seen in eucalypt woodlands and open forest situations. The flowering period from January onwards produces characteristic tangled masses of brown-black, awned seeds.


Black Spear Grass has proven to germinate and develop on rehabilitation sites even where high salinity prevails. Combined with its widespread distribution and its adaption to diverse soil types this infers its high suitability to rehabilitation work. However uptake in such work has been hampered with problems associated with processing and spreading the seed. These problems can be overcome once planners understand the reasons to persist with the species.

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Heteropogon contortus | habit | Queensland Native Seeds
Heteropogon contortus | inflorescence | Queensland Native Seeds
Heteropogon contortus | seed, awn | Queensland Native Seeds

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