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Geijera parviflora

Scientific NameGeijera parviflora
Common Name(s)Wilga , Sheep Bush, Australian Willow


"Shrub, or tree to 10 m high." (Flora of Australia)


A small amount of Geijera parviflora is collected for rehabilitation work each year and this amount would be larger except for some difficulties in collection and longevity in storage. Otherwise, the taxon is well represented in pre-mining ecologies and is potentially of value. Access to the plant is high, it being widespread and locally abundant. Despite the height of 10m given above, the majority of plants encountered are in the 2-4m range, and can be handled easily.

Care must be taken before deciding to harvest Geijera parviflora. Water stress is common where it occurs in semi-arid and arid areas. If water stress occurs during fruit filling, there will be reason to suspect low seed quality. Although such fruit may begin to dehisce, they may or may not dehisce fully and the seed produced may shrivel and have poor to no viability. Otherwise, collecting a quality crop too early will also result in shrivelled seed. Monitoring and careful testing of selected samples is necessary to avoid uneconomic results.

There is a strong case for establishing Geijera parviflora from tubestock if post-planting care is possible.

Historical Notes


"Occurs in southeast South Australia and from the vicinity of Goonyella, east-central Queensland, to Piambie Parish, northwest Victoria." (Flora of Australia)

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Geijera parviflora | inflorescence | Queensland Native Seeds
Geijera parviflora | inflorescence, fruit | Queensland Native Seeds

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