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Gahnia aspera

Scientific NameGahnia aspera
Common Name(s)Rough Saw-Sedge, Large-Seeded Gahnia
Family Cyperaceae


Tufted, perennial sedge. Grass-like appearance.

"Leaves long, linear, flat, channelled, or inrolled" (PlantNET)


Moderate amounts of Gahnia aspera seed are utilised in revegetation beside roads and on mines, mostly in NSW. The taxon is just as relevant to Queensland revegetation work.

To date, and despite many attempts to understand, there is a lack of knowledge relating to the breaking of seed dormancy.

Collection of G. aspera seed is a simple and very productive task although painful cuts to hands, arms and legs may result without use of safety gloves and clothing.

Historical Notes


From southern NSW to the tip of Cape York penninsula, along the coast and generally extending about 200km inland, however in central Queensland the taxon occurs west as far as Idalia NP which is 800km from the coastline.

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Gahnia aspera | spike | Queensland Native Seeds
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