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Eucalyptus moluccana

Scientific NameEucalyptus moluccana
Common Name(s)Gum-Topped Box, Grey Box


"Tree to 30 m tall. Forming a lignotuber." (Euclid, 4th Ed.)

"Bark rough and persistent on the lower half of the trunk, box-type, shed above to leave whitish or light grey, sometimes shiny, smooth bark." (Brooker, M.I.H., and Kleinig, D.A., 2004)


Further inland people will need to distinguish Eucalyptus moluccana from Eucalyptus microcarpa which is very similar. E. microcarpa has slightly smaller leaves and fruits and has a generally more western distribution. Although a species in considerable demand for revegetation work, E. moluccana is not a generous producer and seed collections of any merit are only generated after an unmistakably wet weather cycle. Box species may not dehisce well after setting seed into a dry period.

Historical Notes


"A medium-sized to tall box tree widespread on coastal plains and ranges, north from the Sydney – Hunter Valley region to the eastern side of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, extending through south-eastern and central Queensland as far north as the Atherton Tableland." (Euclid, 4th Ed.)

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Eucalyptus moluccana | basal bark | Queensland Native Seeds
Eucalyptus moluccana | habit | Queensland Native Seeds
Eucalyptus moluccana | trunk, canopy | Queensland Native Seeds
Eucalyptus moluccana | microscope seed | Queensland Native Seeds

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