Queensland Native Seeds

Eucalyptus bakeri

Scientific NameEucalyptus bakeri
Common Name(s)Baker's Mallee


"Tree or mallee to 12 m tall. Forming a lignotuber." (Euclid, 4th Ed.)


Little use of this taxon in rehabilitation in our observation to date. We have collected the seed in a limited quantity, enough to understand how simple that procedure is for this relatively short eucalypt.

Historical Notes


"Widesread though very scattered in Queensland, particularly in Talwood, Dalby and Roma area, extending northwards in various localities with an outlier in the White Mountains near Pentland; restricted occurence on the western side of the far northern tablelands of New South Wales, west of Yetman." (Brooker, M.I.H., and Kleinig, D.A., 2004)

References and Related Links

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