Queensland Native Seeds

Eucalyptus albens

Scientific NameEucalyptus albens
Common Name(s)White Box


"Tree to 25 m tall. Forming a lignotuber." (Euclid, 4th Ed.)


Eucalyptus albens is related to the the box trees E.moluccana, E.microcarpa and E.pillagaensis. Some distinguishing features of E.albens are its larger fruit, glaucous buds and its adult leaves which rather than being green may be blue-green, grey-green or blue-grey to glaucous. Seed collectors may find E.moluccana intergrading with E.albens over considerable areas of northern NSW. Despite the larger fruit, Eucalyptus albens is not a generous seed producer for the quantities of branch material harvested.

Historical Notes


"Widely distributed on the slopes and tablelands of New South Wales and adjacent areas of Queensland, north of Texas, west of Stanthorpe, including Warwick, northwards in a narrow strip to cross the Bunya highway, north, north-east of Dalby; also northern Victoria and the Southern Flinders Range area of South Australia." (Brooker, M.I.H., and Kleinig, D.A., 2004)

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