Queensland Native Seeds

Eucalyptus acmenoides

Scientific NameEucalyptus acmenoides
Common Name(s)Yellow Stringybark, White Mahogany


"Medium sized or tall tree to 45m. Froming a lignotuber." (Euclid, 4th Ed.)


Seed generally used in small quantities around coastal areas. Discolorous leaves may aid in identification however Euclid, 4th Ed. should be consulted by any workers who are not familiar with this Eucalyptus species since it can be confused with many others.

Eucalyptus acmenoides is a member of the White Mahogany group. Eucalypts in the White Mahogany group are all fully rough barked. It is helpful to understand this group while working professionally around the taxa from which it is comprised. A treatment of the White Mahogany group is also available from Euclid, 4th Ed. and the link is provided below.

Historical Notes


"Largely coastal and subcoastal occurrence including ranges, particularly from Brisbane to north of Rockhampton, also Blackdown Tableland and rangeswest of Mackay, and from Townsville to Cooktown; continuous in NSW almost to Sydney." (Brooker, M.I.H., and Kleinig, D.A., 2004)

Distribution Map | Eucalyptus acmenoides | Queensland Native Seeds

Eucalyptus acmenoides | bark, trunk base | Queensland Native Seeds
Eucalyptus acmenoides | bark | Queensland Native Seeds
Eucalyptus acmenoides | trunk, canopy | Queensland Native Seeds

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