Queensland Native Seeds

Erythroxylum australe

Scientific NameErythroxylum australe
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrub
Common Name(s)Cocaine Bush


"Divaricate shrub, usually 1–3 m high, or rarely a small tree to 4.5 m high, glabrous;..." (PlantNet)


Erythroxylon australe is often requested by coal mining companies for rehabilitation purposes owing to its presence on the pre-mining landscapes. However, the seed is rarely if ever supplied. Currently, the most realistic method of achieving this goal is via tube-stock planting, without ignoring the difficulties existing there also.

Historical Notes


Several occurrences in subcoastal, southeast Queensland from Wallangarra at the border to Binjour Plateau. Much more common around coastal to inland, central and northern Qld. Most northern occurrences are within and just north of Forty Mile Scrub National Park.

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