Queensland Native Seeds

Erythrina vespertilio

Scientific NameErythrina vespertilio
Common Name(s)Bats-Wing Coral Tree


Tree 5–12 m high, with corky bark and usually stout prickles on trunk and branches, glabrous. (PlantNet)


Erythrina vespertilio has been commonly used in mine rehabilitation work and the seed is readily available to date. Although the taxon is widespread, it is not so common. In our experience in eastern Australia, it tends to occur in small groups. Seed setting is fairly reliable, the tree being relatively tolerant of dry conditions.

Historical Notes


Erythrina vespertilio is distributed in all climatic regions throughout the entire top half of the Australian continent. The southern limit of this range stretches from the Queensland border at the coast, to Shark Bay on the central coastline of Western Australia.

References and Related Links

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