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Dodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata

Scientific NameDodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata
Common Name(s)Sticky Hop Bush


"Erect to spreading shrub 1.5–4 m high." (Flora of Australia)


"Usually grows in high rainfall areas in open forest or woodlands and mallee shrublands, mostly in sandy loam." (Flora of Australia)

Dodonaea species are generally highly successful when direct seeding into rehabilitation works. Dodonaea viscosa subp. spatulata has broad relevance because of its wide distribution. It can be collected in large amounts in years where late Winter and early Spring rainfall permits its reproduction. Inland, it may be seen in large areas where it has regenerated after clearing. As for other Dodonaea species, the capsules are simply threshed and air-separated. In cases where seed quality is questioned, flotation separation should also be practiced.

Historical Notes


"Occurs in temperate and semi-arid southern Australia; in southern and eastern Queensland and throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, extending to southern South Australia, through the central Australian ranges to the western half of Western Australia." (Flora of Australia)

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