Queensland Native Seeds

Dodonaea triquetra

Scientific NameDodonaea triquetra
Common Name(s)Large-Leaf Hop Bush, Hop Bush


"Dioecious or rarely polygamo-dioecious erect shrub to 3 m high." (Flora of Australia)


"Grows in dry and wet sclerophyll forest usually in sand or sandstone." (Flora of Australia) Dodonaea triquetra stands out during its fruiting period so its seed is simple to find and collect. Once the capsules are dry, they are threshed, and an air separation process is sufficient to attain a clean product. Flotation seperation may also be used. Like most native seed collections, finding large accessible stands is a key constraint to production. The species has been collected in large amounts. Its use is mostly confined to coastal and some subcoastal work, as its distribution would suggest.

The seed of Dodonaea triquetra is membranous which aids its identification (see microscope photo).

Historical Notes


"Occurs along the east coast of Australia from north of Cooktown, Queensland, along the New South Wales coast and into eastern Victoria as far as Bairnsdale." (Flora of Australia)

References and Related Links

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