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Dodonaea triangularis

Scientific NameDodonaea triangularis
Common Name(s)Hopbush, Triangle-Leaved Hopbush


"Dioecious or rarely polygamo-dioecious shrub to 3 m high." (Flora of Australia)


Grows on ranges in dry sclerophyll forests or woodlands, in skeletal granitic and sandstone soils. (Flora of Australia)

Dodonaea triangularis has proven highly successful in at least the mine rehabilitation contexts we have directly contributed to, however its use remains low because of its low production rates. This could be overcome. Production of seed is affected by competition for water in the heavy forest environments from where it is collected. Otherwise, the species can be produced in fair quantities in the highest rainfall years. In such years, the few commercial seed collectors in operation have been distracted with a great deal of species, most of which require collection in very narrow windows of time.

Historical Notes


"Occurs from the Townsville area in Queensland to far northeastern New South Wales with an apparent disjunction to the Hunter region of New South Wales." (Flora of Australia)

Distribution Map | Dodonaea triangularis | Queensland Native Seeds

Dodonaea triangularis | depiction by Sylvia Seiler, Killara, West Boondooma | Queensland Native Seeds

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Botanical Illustrations by Sylvia Seiler. Compiled by Ross and Wilma Tait for the Chinchilla Field Naturalists’ Club, 2014