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Denhamia cunninghamii

Scientific NameDenhamia cunninghamii
Common Name(s)


"Shrub to 4.5 m; branchlets glabrous or puberulous." (Flora of Australia)


Denhamia cunninghamii was previously Maytenus cunninghamii and the synonym should also be sort out when making a wider study of the taxon.

We have collected and cleaned Denhamia seed on a trial scale since 2010 and are currently experimenting with it more thoroughly. Collection and drying of material for seed production proceeds in a similar way to Geijera parviflora although it is not expected that the same quality problems will be encountered.

Denhamia cunninghamii would fill a role in rehabilitation as a taxon for understory in dry sclerophyll forest and woodland settings. It is naturally widespread ensuring relevance across large areas where it might be utilised.

Historical Notes


Widespread in near-coastal and inland districts from the Kimberley, W.A., to Cape York, Qld, and S to N.S.W. (Flora of Australia)

Distribution Map | Denhamia cunninghamii | Queensland Native Seeds

Denhamia cunninghamii | leaves, fruit | Queensland Native Seeds
Denhamia cunninghamii | leaves, fruit | Queensland Native Seeds

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