Queensland Native Seeds

Cymbopogon bombycinus

Scientific NameCymbopogon bombycinus
Common Name(s)Citronella Grass


Perennial, erect, warm season grass, to 120cm.


Cymbopogon bombycinus is occasionally requested for rehabilitation work. The availability of seed is limited because naturally the taxon appears in relatively small patches and often near trees or on difficult terrain. As rehabilitation practice progresses it could be used more often however its use in limited amounts remains appropriate. Small plantings from seed or transplants on sandy, stony or rocky patches may be sustainable concepts.

Historical Notes

The genus Cymbopogon, also includes several species, commonly referred to as Citronella Grass, Lemongrass and East Indian Grass which are cultivated for varying reasons, sometimes as culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, for use as insecticides, preservatives, disinfectants and in perfumes.


"Occurs in Eucalyptus forests and savannas of tropical and subtropical Australia." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y. 2011. Ausgrass2)

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Cymbopogon bombycinus | habit | Queensland Native Seeds
Cymbopogon bombycinus | inflorescence | Queensland Native Seeds
Cymbopogon bombycinus | habit | Queensland Native Seeds

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