Queensland Native Seeds

Corymbia watsoniana subsp. watsoniana

Scientific NameCorymbia watsoniana subsp. watsoniana
Common Name(s)Yellowjacket


"Tree to 15 m tall, rarely 20 m. Forming a lignotuber. Bark rough to the smallest branches, thick, soft, loosely flaky to tessellated, yellow-brown to yellow-grey over orange-brown." (Euclid, 4th Ed.)


We've never been asked to use this taxon in revegetation despite some recommendations in peculiar circumstances however it is a stunning Australian native tree which could be cultivated to increase its total presence and to promote public awareness. The orangy, flakey bark sets the tree apart from the surrounding flora. The buds and fruit are relatively, very large. To date we have observed the tree on sandstone.

Historical Notes


"South-eastern Queensland from Wigton to the Robinson Gorge including the Isla Gorge area; endemic." (Brooker, M.I.H., and Kleinig, D.A., 2004)

References and Related Links

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