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Brachychiton australis

Scientific NameBrachychiton australis
Common Name(s)Broad-Leaved Bottle Tree
FamilyMalvaceae, Subfamily Sterculioideae


Tree to 10m high with somewhat bulbous trunk.


B. australis is encountered in semi-evergreen vine thicket and related ecological communities. Commonly planted in parks and on streets.

Deciduous, becoming leafless in late Winter before white flowers appear. Seed ripening from December. The seed is used for mine rehabilitation in Queensland. The harvesting operation is simple however cleaning of all Brachychiton spp. seed should be done mechanically. This generates airborne materials and the operator requires protection from hairs which may cause skin and eye irritation. These irritant hairs may scratch the surface of the eye and cause extreme discomfort.

Historical Notes


Endemic to Queensland. Recorded from just west of Cape Melville NP on the northern coastline to as far west as Mt Isa, Winton and Charleville; more often recorded along coast and adjacent inland as far south as Didcot near Biggenden and Wandoan (200km further west).

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Brachychiton australis | inflorescence in cultivation | Queensland Native Seeds
Brachychiton australis | trunk, canopy | Queensland Native Seeds
Brachychiton australis | pods drying | Queensland Native Seeds

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