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Bothriochloa macra

Scientific NameBothriochloa macra
Common Name(s)Redleg Grass, Red Grass


A tufted, perennial grass to 100cm.


"Exists in both pitted and unpitted states leading to previous problems of identification, being confused with both Dichanthium sericeum and Bothriochloa decipiens." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y.  2011. AusGrass2)

We have utilised this species on poor, mine spoil substrates and the seed is readily available. It occurs across south-east Queensland in areas we frequent however it is not common like the other Bothriochloa taxa discussed here.

"Grows on soils of low fertility..." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y.  2011. AusGrass2)

"Reports of its forage value vary but it is generally not highly regarded, though the adverse reports may relate more to palatability than to feed quality. Nitrogen analyses indicate that its protein content is similar to or better than many other summer-growing species such as bambatsi panic (Panicum coloratum), Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) and Mitchell grass (Astrebla spp.). Crude protein ranges between 4.4 and 14.5%. It is highly regarded for its persistence and production during droughts, and for its soil conservation value in waterways and in heavily grazed summer pastures." (NSW, Department of Primary Industries)

Historical Notes


From Munduberra, Qld, through NSW, Vic and south-eastern parts of SA, mostly coastal, and tablelands of the Great Dividing Range but also some western areas especially in NSW. We only occasionally observe B. macra within the Queensland part of its range.

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