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Austrostipa scabra

Scientific NameAustrostipa scabra
Common Name(s)Rough Spear Grass


"Perennial. Culms 30–60 cm tall, compressible." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y. 2011. Ausgrass2)


"Two subspecies are recognised, with geographic distributions predominantly in different areas, but with extensive overlap." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y. 2011. Ausgrass2)

Austrostipa scabra is has been a more available Austrostipa than A. verticillata and A. ramosissima. It is relatively accessible to harvesting machinery. Occurs on lighter, well drained soils and on rocky outcrops.

Historical Notes


In all states, including Tasmania, from coastal to western areas, however restricted to the southern part of Australia with northern limits near Meekatharra in WA, Alice Springs in the NT, and Augathella, Qld.

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