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Austrostipa ramosissima

Scientific NameAustrostipa ramosissima
Common Name(s)Stout Bamboo Grass


"Perennial. Rhizomes present, short. Culms erect, 100–250 cm tall, 0.5–7 mm diam., woody, 6–9 -noded." (Simon, B.K. & Alfonso, Y. 2011. Ausgrass2)


We do utilise Austrostipa ramosissima in mine rehabilitation however its natural range so far precludes it from most of this work. Generally, it is not occurring in a fashion conducive to machine harvesting either. It is however a grass which can be collected with some efficiency by hand for use in smaller, high value rehabilitation jobs. We mostly note the taxon around dry scrubs on the Jimna Range and a little further west again, especially in Hoop Pine plantation. A. ramosissima is a very attractive, manageable grass which could be used more often in gardens. A link provided below to Patricia Gardner's website, Toowoomba Plants, covers this subject very well.

Historical Notes


From Bega, NSW, north to Kroombit Tops in Qld. The distribution is mostly coastal from Bega until Sydney at which point it also occurs further west occasionally in places like Coolabah, NSW, Mungallala and Carnarvon National Park, Qld.

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