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Allocasuarina torulosa

Scientific NameAllocasuarina torulosa
CategoriesNitrogen FixerTree
Common Name(s)Rose She-Oak, Forest She-Oak


"Usually dioecious tree 5-20 m high. Branchlets drooping, to 14 cm long;..." (Flora of Australia)


"Grows on coastal hills and ranges as understorey in open forest to tall open-forest, in a wide range of soils." (Flora of Australia)

Within the Family Casuarinaceae, leaves are modified down to "teeth" observable as whorls. The whorls are located between portions of the branchlets, the portions being referred to as "articles". Allocasuarina torulosa has 4-5 teeth at the junctions of the articles. Photographs below show these morphological features.

Seed collection of this species is time consuming however it is fairly accessible in forests of SE Qld.

Historical Notes


"Occurs from the McIlwraith Ra., Qld, S to Macquarie Pass and Jenolan Caves, N.S.W." (Flora of Australia)

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Allocasuarina torulosa | bark | Queensland Native Seeds
Allocasuarina torulosa | fruit dehiscing | Queensland Native Seeds
Allocasuarina torulosa | microscope seed | Queensland Native Seeds

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