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Allocasuarina leuhmannii

Scientific NameAllocasuarina leuhmannii
CategoriesNitrogen FixerTree
Common Name(s)Bull Oak


"Tree 5-15 m high." (Flora of Australia)

Within the Family Casuarinaceae, leaves are modified down to "teeth" observable as whorls. The whorls are located between portions of the branchlets, the portions being referred to as "articles". Allocasuarina leuhmannii has 10-14 teeth at the junctions of the articles. Photographs below show these morphological features.


"Scattered in woodland in non-calcareous soils." (Flora of Australia)

The seed collector will find Allocasuarina leuhmannii a very accessible plant because it is often present on less fertile land. The cones form and ripen quickly during the hottest months of the year. The seed is expelled very soon after ripening and so careful monitoring is necessary. Seed collection in scale from this species requires lopping of branches and handling of that material on to drying tarps. Field drying is far more efficient if at all possible because a considerable bulk of material may be required to generate quantities of seed. The branches are relatively heavy. Care is required not to lose too many cones to the ground when lopping takes place. The cones may dislodge easily.

Historical Notes


"Occurs from Mareeba, Qld, S through central Qld and N.S.W. to north-western Vic. and adjoining areas of S.A. to S of Bordertown; rarely towards the coast, as in the Hunter Valley, N.S.W., and near Rockhampton, Qld; also in A.C.T." (Flora of Australia)

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