Queensland Native Seeds

Acacia pustula

Scientific NameAcacia pustula
CategoriesNitrogen FixerTreeWattle
Common Name(s)
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Mimosoideae


"Tree to 15 m high; juvenile bipinnate leaves persistent until plant is at least 2 m high. Branchlets angled at extremities, dark reddish, glabrous." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)


"Grows in sand or sandy loam over sandstone, in eucalypt woodland or open forest."  (WorldWideWattle ver. 2) We commonly observe Acacia pustula on lateritised profiles such as near Proston, Qld.

Historical Notes


"Common in an area bordered by Cracow, Condamine, Kingaroy and Eidsvold with disjunct occurrences in the Carnarvon and Salvator Rosa Natl Park areas and N of Mitchell, south-eastern Qld."  (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)

References and Related Links

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