Queensland Native Seeds

Acacia penninervis var. longiracemosa

Scientific NameAcacia penninervis var. longiracemosa
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrubTreeWattle
Common Name(s)Hickory Wattle, Mountain Hickory
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Mimosoideae


"Shrub or small tree to 8 m high, commonly smaller." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)


Our experience with this Acacia is limited to SE Qld coastal ranges in eucalypt forests on sandy loams and gravelly soils. In these situations it is locally abundant.

Historical Notes


"Coastal districts S of about Gladstone, Qld, to Bald Knob, northern N.S.W. Common in the understorey of open eucalypt forest." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)

References and Related Links

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