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Acacia hubbardiana

Scientific NameAcacia hubbardiana
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrubWattle
Common Name(s)Yellow Prickley Moses
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Mimosoideae


"Spreading shrub to 2 m high." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)


"On coastal lowlands it often grows in poorly drained sand in open forest or heath associated with swamps, it also occurs on rocky slopes above about 150 m alt. on peaks of the Glasshouse Mtns." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)

Historical Notes


Mostly found within a 25km band bordering the coastline from Brisbane, north almost to Agnes Water. A herbarium specimen from Gin Gin, 55km inland from the coastline, was the most inland specimen of Acacia hubbardiana collected for a herbarium at the time of writing.

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