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Acacia falcata

Scientific NameAcacia falcata
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrubWattle
Common Name(s)Hickory Wattle, Sickle-Leaved Wattle
FamilyFabaceae, Sub-family Mimosoideae


"Slender shrub or tree 2–5 m high. Branchlets acutely angled at extremities, red-brown, commonly lightly pruinose, glabrous. Phyllodes falcate, broadest above middle, much-narrowed at base, 7–19 cm long, 1–4 cm wide, thin, grey-green to glaucous, sometimes green, glabrous, with excentric midrib."(WorldWideWattle ver. 2)


Acacia falcata is used in large quantities due to a high success rate in rehabilitation, the ease of collection, processing and storage. In drier seasons it may still produce a worthwhile crop where most other species fail to do so. It's commonly seen colonising roadsides after disturbance.

Historical Notes


"Occurs in coastal regions and on the eastern slopes of the Great Divide from near Narooma, N.S.W., N to Bundaberg and also near Herberton and Ingham (c. 900 km north of Bundaberg), Qld. A similar Qld disjunction occurs in A. falciformis and A. fimbriata. A common element of the understorey of Eucalyptus communities, often in shallow stony soil." (WorldWideWattle ver.2)

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Acacia falcata | inflorescence, phyllode | Queensland Native Seeds
Acacia falcata | habit | Queensland Native Seeds
Acacia falcata | seedling | Queensland Native Seeds
Acacia falcata | seed | Queensland Native Seeds
Acacia falcata | microscope | Queensland Native Seeds

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