Queensland Native Seeds

Acacia adsurgens

Scientific NameAcacia adsurgens
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrubWattle
Common Name(s)
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily - Mimosoideae


"Shrub or small tree to 4 m high" (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)


Grows in reddish sandy and gravelly soils, on flat plains and hillsides, commonly in spinifex grassland communities. Flowers May-Sept., sometimes as early as Feb. (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)

Historical Notes


"Widespread in the W.A., N.T. and Qld between 18S and 26S, extending to c. 117E in the west near Roebourne, and E to central Qld. Also occurs in far NE S.A., in the Lake Eyre Region." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)

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