Queensland Native Seeds

About Us

Queensland Native Seeds produces native grass, tree and shrub seed for rehabilitation in mines across Queensland and NSW. The products sold are either complex seed mixes bagged and sold to customers (mainly mines) or seed sold by species name to our trade allies who will then construct and sell mixtures to the same market; also, to roadside revegetation projects and others. A complex seed mix varies widely in diversity and species composition. Where coal mining is concerned it may consist of up to six Eucalypt or Corymbia species, up to six Acacia species, several other or nitrogen fixer shrubs, up to eight native grass species and a smaller number of other tree or dry-rainforest taxa. In some cases, exotic pasture grasses are used because they are already naturalised in an area, and local grazing interests are taken into consideration by miners.

Queensland Native Seeds is situated on several properties in the South Burnett district although seed is harvested over much of the state. Producing a comprehensive offering of native seeds in volume is a task requiring substantial planning and travelling. Coordinating with other production-shopfront native seed companies and with the reliable, independent seed collectors that have forged their position in this field is also an explicit strategy.

We believe that investing in the industries broader development is a very worthwhile goal and one which has benefits beyond commercial success. We promote progressive behaviour in both seed production and in rehabilitation. This is defined as actively explaining and testing phenomena, inferring from this of new time-capital efficient innovations and then implementing those, later subjecting their performance to criticism and repeating this process again.

Queensland Native Seeds takes pleasure in working closely with engineers, fabricators and materials suppliers, so they become familiar with our goals, thereby anticipating how we might innovate and solve problems.