Queensland Native Seeds

About Us

Queensland Native Seeds produces native grass, tree and shrub seed for rehabilitation in mines across Queensland and NSW. The products sold are normally complex seed mixes designed on the basis of pre-mining ecology, subsequent site alteration specifics, species specific establishment success rates, price and availability. We also trade seed from named species to mines and roadside projects besides to other seed companies.

A complex seed mix varies widely in diversity and species composition. Where coal mining is concerned it may consist of up to six Eucalypt or Corymbia species, up to six Acacia species, other tree and dry rainforest taxa, various understory shrubs, forbs, groundcovers and up to eight native grass species. Pasture seed is also supplied where areas are being returned to previous grazing. Queensland Native Seeds supplies any amount of pasture seed required at very competitive rates.

Queensland Native Seeds actively trains new seed collectors and develops new native seed lines required for seed mixes. The same questions are addressed in each case. When and where do various taxa produce efficiently collectable seed? How can they be cleaned for use? In what forms can they be marketed? We disseminate this information to new and existing, independent seed collectors who sell product to us. Independent seed collectors with passion and motivation are seen as the most efficient means of producing native seed.

Besides bringing native seed to market, Queensland Native Seeds is actively supporting the greater industry which we believe requires a measured dose of idealism besides more ordinary business skills. An industry to support the rehabilitation of land and preservation of ecology remains mostly futuristic when one considers where technological development has brought mankind to in such a short time. Society has largely escaped the problems of hunger, disease and exposure and is now entering zones which were previously ignored in the struggle to survive or in the race to remain competitive. Vision and resolve are required to balance the competitive instincts of industry participants. If this is achieved, then the environmental and social outcomes which are the underpinning the industries existence, will also be achieved.

Queensland Native Seeds is situated on several properties in the South Burnett district. Our in-house production activities are heavily weighted towards native grass seed production which requires both conventional and novel approaches. Significant increases in capacity are now obvious in the industry over the last decade. Now we see the cleaning of native grass seed and its processing into useable forms is seen as a major frontier in the effort to rehabilitate land.

Queensland Native Seeds takes pleasure in working closely with engineers, fabricators and materials suppliers, so they become familiar with our goals, thereby anticipating how we might innovate and solve problems.