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Crotalaria mitchellii

Scientific NameCrotalaria mitchellii
CategoriesForbNitrogen Fixer
Common Name(s)Yellow Rattlepod
FamilyFabaceae Subfamily Faboideae


 "Erect perennial shrub, c. 1 m high;..." (PlantNet)


Crotalaria mitchellii has two subspecies, subsp. mitchellii and subsp. laevis, both having similar distributions. Whilst both taxa occur on light-textured soils, the subsp. laevis has been known to grow on basaltic soils.

Crotalaria mitchellii subsp. mitchellii has relatively broad leaves, 2-5cm across, and the stems are pubescent. Crotalaria mitchellii subsp. laevis has leaves measuring 1-1.5cm across and mostly glabrous stems however these distinctions should be studied more thoroughly in authoritative references such as those below. Crotalaria novae-hollandiae is another native rattlepod which may be confused with C. mitchelli subsp. laevis, however the latter species produces petioles measuring 3-5mm whilst the petioles of C. novae-hollandiae measure 5-20mm in length.

Nitrogen fixing forbs such as Crotalaria species are potentially very useful in rehabilitation projects though currently very difficult to obtain. In many cases wild stands are under pressure and removing their seed may be unhelpful to the cause of conservation. We are testing the culture of such plants, including Crotalaria, for seed production. In this manner appropriate forms can be selected from desireable sites, edaphic factors all considered, and these parent stocks can be otherwsie left undisturbed to continue living and reproducing in their wild habitats.

Historical Notes


From Newcastle in New South Wales, to Port Douglas in northern Queensland. Occurs inland also reaching west to Tambo in Queensland.

Distribution Map | Crotalaria mitchellii | Queensland Native Seeds

Crotalaria mitchellii | habit | Queensland Native Seeds
Crotalaria mitchellii | habit | Queensland Native Seeds
Crotalaria mitchellii | habit, fruit | Queensland Native Seeds
Crotalaria mitchellii | fruit | Queensland Native Seeds
Crotalaria mitchellii | inflorescence | Queensland Native Seeds

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