Queensland Native Seeds

Acacia muelleriana

Scientific NameAcacia muelleriana
CategoriesNitrogen FixerShrubTreeWattle
Common Name(s)
FamilyFabaceae, Subfamily Mimosoideae


"Bushy, many-stemmed shrub or tree 1.5–8 m high. Bark smooth, grey, reddish or yellow-brown." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)


"Grows in shallow rocky soil in open woodland or scrub on sandstone, conglomerate or basalt. Flowers Aug.–Jan.; fruits Nov. and Dec." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)

Historical Notes


"Occurs in eastern Qld from N of Carnarvon S to the Bunya Mtns, Kingaroy and Darling Downs, as well as the western slopes of N.S.W. as far W as Dubbo E to the Goulburn R. and S to Rylstone." (WorldWideWattle ver. 2)

References and Related Links

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